Revolutionary War Dbq

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The Revolutionary War both the British and the American colonists had many difficulties to face. The Americans were at a disadvantage due to their lack of experienced soldiers and supplies. The British badly put down the greatness of the North American continent . In order for the Americans to accomplish in winning the war, they had to train their militias and learn military tactics to best attack the British. In order for british to have won they should have taken the colonists more seriously and better planned their military tactics. For the Americans and the British there were challenges to be taken and their decisions on how to affect them basically decided the end of the war. There are a few cause of the Revolutionary War. The British government had decided to make the American colonies pay a large share of the war debt from the French And Indian War. The…show more content…
Lexington and Concord started the revolutionary war . Hundreds of british troops had marched from Boston to somewhere by concord in order to have capture an arms cache. The battle in lexington town started off the fighting , and the british had quickly escaped under fire. The colonists won their independence. The battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the revolutionary war. The war was fought between the Continental Army and the British Army. Burgoyne forces defeated the Continental Army. 18 days after the Burgoyne’s army was attacked by the American Forces. At the Battle Of Bunker Hill the British defeated the americans. The Americans lost due to their inexperienced colonial force. The British suffered the most disasters of any single fight during the American Revolutionary War.The Battle of Yorktown was the battle to end the Revolutionary war.The surrender of General Cornwallis and his army was the second major surrender of the war. The Americans won the battle and the
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