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The name of the film I am going to review is final destination 3, it is the 3rd in the final destination series. It was released in the cinemas on February 11th 2006 and then released on DVD and video on 25th July 2006.

Final destination has many genres the main 4 however are Drama / Horror / Mystery and Thriller. James Wong was the director of final destination 1 and 3 but final destination 2 was directed by David Ellis.

The Film follows the same sort of plot as the other final destinations but in final destination 3 Wendy Christensen and her friends go to a theme park and decide to go on a large roller coaster. However, just before the ride begins, Wendy has a violent premonition of it crashing, killing everyone on board, so she freaks out, resulting in 10 people getting off, including herself, then watches in horror as it collapses for real. But she learns that you can't cheat death as the survivors start dieing in freak ‘accidents’. The clues to their deaths are in the photos she and her friends took on that fateful night they went to the theme park.

I liked the way Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played Wendy took her part so seriously and you could actually feel the fear she had after her premonition. Also Kris Lemche who played Ian McKinley acted the scene where they was at ‘build it’ really well because he was throwing everything Wendy says right back at her. When she tells him about ‘deaths design’ he then replies with “Ok. Ok, what if, for example, the last in line were to make the utilitarian choice. Kill themselves. Well, wow, that's pretty much gonna ruin any plan deaths put in motion. And even better, I think that's gonna save, five skipped lives. Any takers?” He says it so seriously that it made me think he was a bit tapped in the head.

Some of the films strengths were the amazing computer generated images which was so obvious yet so life like, such as the rollercoaster crash at the start. Also the music they used while Wendy and Kevin was waiting at the drive through. His car radio turned itself on and started playing ‘Turn Around, Look at Me’ by The Vogues at that point doing a shot where you can see the car and the road behind with a lorry rolling down a hill with no one in it.

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