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Review of The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy The return of the native was written by Thomas hardy in 1878, the story is based on a place called Egdon heath. When hardy wrote the novel it was the time of Charles Darwin, he had written his book ;on the origin of the species' so this was a big influence on hardy's view of god and evolution, it was also the time of the Boer war (1899-1902). Hardy wrote the novel return of the native to portray how life was in nineteen-century Britain was. The characters that hardy wrote about were dominated by supersitions and religious influences just like he was …show more content…

And it is described differently by the narrator at different times, depending on what the character perspectives are focused on; it is not just the attitudes of the characters that change, but, in the narrator's perspective, the entire heath itself that seems changeable. It is both "an installment of night" and an object of delicate, intricate beauty.

The heath affects the heath people in a very big way, it causes lots of superstitions, this is mostly between the different characters,

The characters can be put into groups according to the various ways in which they react to the Heath. Clym Yeobright is the product of Egdon, and its shaggy hills are friendly to him but he leaves the heath to live in paris when he returned he married eustacia vye but he then lost his eyesight some of the heath folk think this is a result of leaving the heath or even that he lost his sight to the amout of books that he read. Eustacia is filled with a great hatred of this monster that is the heath it holds her back from the indulgence of her …show more content…

Thomasin especially takes delight in the beautiful flowers and the sight of the May-pole. Thomasin's delight and happiness at the May-pole revel coincides with her uplifted and cheerful spirits.

Heath Customs 15: The heath-folk celebrate Thomasin and Venn's wedding with certain heath customs: they make a fresh feather-bed for the newlyweds and they serenade them.

Return of the Native, like Hardy's other novels, is constructed in a series of scenes. The novel opens with a description of Egdon Heath, in its past and its present. Eustacia, who lives in misery on the heath, is awaiting somebody "greater" than Wildeve whom she could love and who would love her to madness. When Clym Yeobright returns to his native place, Eustacia is certain that this man from Paris is her special somebody and her ticket out of her dreary existence on the heath. The marriage of Clym and Eustacia takes place. For a couple of months they live an idyllic existence, in spite of the fact that Clym is estranged from his mother, who does not approve of the marriage. The mother, hoping for a reconciliation with her son, decides to visit him. The oppressive summer heat exhausts her as she comes in sight

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