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Is respect an important quality. To most people now a days respect is an important factor. The reason it’s an important factor is because without respect you can’t get nowhere in life. When you respect an individual that certain person will feel loved and he or she will feel important, as we saw in the movie “Spanglish”. Although many individuals look at others rank in society to measure the amount of respect they’ll give to them, it is mainly up to the individuals themselves to have enough confidence and earn the respect they believe they should get. Without respect you cant have real friends, have a decent job and most of all being a decent person. In the movie “Spanglish” and the story “stolen party” we saw examples of certain characters showing respect and some character’s being disrespectful. We also saw that when being respectful you are loved more and more cared for.

In the story “stolen party” we saw how being disrespectful can ruin someone’s friendship and life. The novel also showed us how certain high-class individuals treat lower-class individuals. The “stolen party” was a very sad story because it showed us how her best friend Luciana treats, Rosaura because her mother is a maid at Lucian’s house. Luciana made Rosaura do chores at her birthday party and when the party was over everyone received a toy expected Rosaura, Luciana gave Rosaura $2 dollars and told her “you deserved this my pet”. If anyone was in Rosaura’s shoes, how would feel if your best friend told you that. If I were in her shoes I would feel unwanted and feel like no one loves me or cares about me. So yes respect is an important quality, because without respect the world would be a chaos place and even without respect there could be no humanity.

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...l think about the thing you’re going to do or say is right or wrong?

My final point being, not only does respect reflect on your image; it can also influence others in positive ways such as when Flore fixed the clothes for Bernice, Bernice respected Flore. I personally think that when there is respect between two individuals they listen to each other and help each other out, this provides a positive flow in the society. As I said before without respect there would be no humanity, and this world be chaos place. I ask every individual today to try to be respectful and see what he or she can achieve, while being respectful. When you start respecting people you will have more friends, and everyone would love and care for you. Respect also doesn’t come from one individual it has to come from both individuals, so be the bigger person and respect that individual first.

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