Researching the World of Plastic Surgery

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Researching the World of Plastic Surgery

In the creation of our beings, we are blessed, and sometimes cursed with features we, as freethinkers, might not otherwise have chosen for ourselves. Certain circumstances however, may arise on the journey known as life, forcing us to reconstruct these features in an effort to construct normal, healthy, lives. Often, we are compelled to reconstruct these features in an effort to enhance an otherwise normal, healthy life. For the individual unaware of the pros and cons, in regards to the acquisition of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery; I produce this composition in an attempt to inform you, the reader; as well as to expand upon my limited knowledge of this field.

In researching the world of “Plastic Surgery”, we approach a dividing factor. There are two categories into which most operations are labeled. Cosmetic surgeries occur when an individual takes notice of a particular feature on his/her body and makes the decision to alter the imperfection. In humans, it is impossible to find a “flawless” being. Our bodies, in their own right, are not created equal. A certain degree of asymmetry exists within each of us. Symmetry is not a dominant trait in the human race. Take a picture of your face, photographing each side individually. Place each photo side by side. Notice the difference? Each feature, your eyes, your nose, and even your lips take on their own sense of symmetry, or asymmetry if you will. Reconstructive surgery takes place when an individual is blessed with features that hinder his/her ability to lead a normal, healthy, life.

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgeries. Implants are inserted behind the breast tissue of each breast or behind the “pectoralis” a major muscle, helping to increase the size of the breast. Silicone implants are made of thick material and filled with either saline or an antibiotic solution during the operation. Women are classically partial to this type of operation. However, in recent years, males have exhibited an interest in cosmetic operations pertaining to the enhancement of the male physique, thus leading to the procurement of “pectoral implants”. Each sex concludes this course of action for similar reasons. Increased sex appeal, heightened sexual pleasure, as well as a new found sense of confidence, infl...

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... some of us are pleased with the features we are blessed with, upon entrance into the world. I am not content with the results, time, and gravity, will eventually afford me. Natural occurrences are, at times, the fault of our deformities; proving detrimental to ones emotional, and physical, well being. In those moments, I approve the operations in search of self-preservation, along with the desire and/or immediate need to correct the aesthetic defaults nature has blessed us with.


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