Research Paper of Online Monetization and E-commerce

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People and companies online have paid more attention to the money and profit in the past few years. Even though this brought people problems, like making people more selfish, monetization under government regulation to protect users' rights, like privacy, would help the internet to develop. Online monetization and E-commerce should keep running with the expansion of internet under proper government regulation, which will help the development of internet.
Usage of internet has increased dramatically. In March, 2000, there were 304 million internet users, which were 5% of Global population; in March 2013, this number has grown to 2749 million, which were 38.8% of Global population (“Internet Growth Statistics”). By 2020, the number of global internet users is expected to quadruple to 4 billion, and most of these new users will come online using multiple devices (Nukala). Internet is so attractive because it provides luxuriant information and enjoyable entertainment to people. It seems that the internet coverage will keep expand.
Online monetization and E-commerce have grown while internet was growing. E-commerce is any activity that includes profits and/or money transfer, and online monetization is the trend that seeking money and profits becomes more and more popular online. In 2012, United States made $40 billion online revenue (Salazar). According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 66 percent of the adults online have purchased something over the Internet. This includes searching, contents viewing, social graphing, transactions, communication, and app purchasing. E-commerce has gradually been developed with its own market division. It has its own seeking profit programs and money flow cycle.
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