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E-business refers to the ability of an organization to transform its processes in a manner that it conveys additional consumer values with implementation of various forms of technology, philosophies, along with a computing paradigm that correlates with the novel economy. There is an association that exists amid the internet with e-business. The internet happens to be a wider concept when compared with e-business. E-business relies on the internet economy to enhance some of its most important processes that comprise of production, customer-focused, along with internal management processes. This paper intends to provide a detailed exploration in the relationship between the internet and e-business with a further review of some of the key strategies employed by organizations for e-business that include marketing, financial services, procurement, with consumer services.
The Internet and E-Business
E-business refers to the application of technology with intentions to improve an organization’s business dealings. The implementation of technology is on a basis of diversified areas linked to a business’ internal procedures like the human resources, monetary systems, along with administrative systems. There are external operations associated with the business that the technology improves like sales with marketing, procurements, and customer relationships. Any business operations that an organization conducts through a computer interceded network has reference as e-business (Napier, 2006). Through an incorporation of e-business in a business, three processes undergo enhancement. The three key processes, enhanced via integration of e-business include production, internal administration, along with consumer-focused processes.

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...ocurement operations with an integration of e-business into its policies. The evidence of growth following a business incorporation of e-business appears to be compulsory. Other organizational strategies associated with e-business identified in the research include sales with marketing of a business, financial procedures, procurement, along with consumer services. The internet economy represents a larger concept as compared to e-business, which makes the e-business a dependant of internet economy. In reference to the evidence provided within the research, it is clear that e-business contributes to streamlining of business operations along with the ability to gain access to novel markets. E-business ensures businesses have quicker with the easier forms of communication, strong marketing aptitudes, along with augmented operation hours for customer services offered.
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