Research Paper On Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes The main place where student athletes can express themselves and show off their skills through college athletics. A century has passed and student athletes now feel like they should get paid on top of the benefits they already receive studying at a university. In the event that that happens, the only beneficiaries would be the athletes of the largest sports programs like football and basketball. It would create unneeded chaos between universities and smaller colleges and the more and less popular athletic programs. In the end, it would mean the end of college athletics. College athletes benefit in different ways and are not in need of getting an extra salary for playing in athletic programs. When someone thinks
The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or NCAA, has said that the high revenue sports subsidize less profitable sports like lacrosse, soccer, and hockey (Majorol). The consensus is if universities, with vast amounts of funding, start offering a play and get paid initiative that the lesser colleges would struggle to compensate, from a declining recruiting class, and their less popular athletic programs would slowly fizzle to nonexistence. Hypothetically, as athletes recognize that they can get an education, play college sports, and also get paid like an employee they will start transitioning away from the lesser schools while creating a pool of players in the top schools. Not only would that turn out as a horrible situation for minor schools, but this also means that college sports’ would not be exiting to watch when the top four schools fight it out, in the tournament each year. Eventually, ratings and ticket sales would go down due to the loss of unpredictability in games. College athletics are only a portion of negatives that come out of paying student athletes, the athletes themselves are also in virtue of
Until just recently according to an article in the Harvard Journal, “in the past twelve years, the amount of money generated by [football and basketball] has increased nearly 300%, such that they now fund almost all other sports programs” (Meshefejian). This points out that if student athletes were given a salary, the only athletes that would receive it are those in basketball and football. The less popular sports athletes would either switch to these two sports, or continue playing the sport they love while their colleagues thrive in the sport they love while getting an

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