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Research Methods 5ed002 Answer the questions below in relation to your identified research area in as much detail as possible with the 1500 word limit What “area” have you chosen as the focus for your level 6 research project? The area the project intends to focus on for the level 6 research project is College/ University students, in which English is their second language. Identify three key texts briefly stating how they are relevant to your research? Using selected literature to support your answer explain why you have decided upon your proposed research questions? As Diana Burton and Steve Bartlett in Key Issues for Education Researchers (2009, p.14) suggest “[c]ertain things in our lives will have had a significant effect upon who we are now.” Using this idea to investigate into challenges faced by students who have English as an additional language. The researcher will compare the views of students who have either attend a school within the UK or one internationally and a number of professionals mainly lectures. The main area of the research is to find out if any specific challenges were faced by students throughout their educational journey and if the students feels this may have harboured their educational achievement. What are your identified sources of information and how do you intend to collect data? What are your reasons for selecting these rather than other DCM’s? There are four main questions the research will form around, these are: 1. What barriers were faced by participants, where English is not their first language? 2. What factors helped participants, where English is not their first language? 3. What do the participants could help support students where English is not their first language? 4. How do the... ... middle of paper ... ...oresee and how do you plan to resolve these? Problems that could be faced during the project are: • Gaining permission from the Head of the University of Wolverhampton • Find if any past research has been completed • Ensure all research completed is worth completing • Time constraint- not enough time to complete a detailed project Bibliography • British Educational Research Association (2011) Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research [online]. Accessed at: • Burton, D and Bartlett, S. (2009) Key Issues for Education Researchers. 1st ed. London: SAGE Publications. • Lambert, M. (2012) A Beginner’s Guide: Doing Your Education Research Project. 1st ed. London: SAGE Publications. • Munn, P and Drever, E. (1996) Using Questionnaires in Small- Scale Research; A Teacher’s Guide. Reprint. Edinburgh: Scottish Council for Research in Education.

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