Reflection On Sociology Of Education

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One can gain insight through participation and observations of lectures. The concepts that I grasped are based on the individuality and interest of various topics and how I perceive them. Through taking the course of Sociology of Education I have been able to read and conceptualize how prominent education is in the United States; therefore projecting that education is an important tool the modern world correlates with success. Individuals that subject themselves to receiving an education through research validate that they can reach their optimal potential. Sociology of Education covered vast areas of vital informations which put educations and its functions into perspectives by stages. A unique way of understanding schools and educations , will help understand employments of sociology as this is a major institutions that helps shapes ones life. As I have learned in this area that it encompasses half a million jobs within the education sector, funding for public schools comes from federal, state, and local taxes, which is tax payers revenue. Change in social class is turning the face of public schools as minorities are becoming an evolving group and English gradually becoming…show more content…
This class showed me how inequality is the base of education, if it’s not about gender it’s about class or race, making it hard for a person that falls under this description to have an equal chance, yet our society train us to believe that education can change
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