Research Essay: Hydraulic Fracturing

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Research Essay: Hydraulic Fracturing

In today’s world sources of energy are becoming increasingly more scarce which raises the question,” how will we obtain enough energy to sustain future generations?” Many experts believe that hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is one alternative that will create a clean source of energy to fuel tomorrow. However, with all alternatives, research needs to be done in the field to fully identify both the positives and negatives of using that specific option. Many people do not know what hydraulic fracturing is or how it is done. “Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, forces natural gas and crude oil out of shale buried deep below the earth by using highly pressurized and treated water”. (“ Fracking: How It Works, Where It’s Done.” Para 1) The cracking of the shale by the water releases natural gas,which is obtained, liquefied, and used to power homes, businesses, and even cars. This large variety of uses for natural gas makes fracking a very appealing option,but the effects on the environment are not yet fully understood. This raises the question of “what price will we pay to solve the energy crisis?” That question is one that we as a society and global community will have to answer soon. To answer such an important question we must first fully understand all sides of the matter.

Two major concerns of United States Citizens today are the energy crisis and economic instability. Hydraulic fracturing may be the key to solving the both of these issues. However, it also may provide economic security in out future. Amy Jaffe, an expert on global energy policy; states that “By the 2020s, the capital of energy will likely have shifted back to the Western Hemisphere, where it was prior to the ascendancy of ...

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... that our government take action in fixing the cloud of uncertainty around hydraulic fracturing. Until complete facts and figures are established by both sides an agreement about the future of fracking can not be reached. If this agreement is not reached soon we may be continuing to hurt our environment and ourselves. While on the other hand unnecessary protest may be stopping us from finding the true potential of a possible solution to our energy crisis. We must call upon our government to study further in to the issue and really find out the truth about the effects of fracking; while at the same time we must call upon the companies in charge of the hydraulic fracturing to begin to fully understand what they are doing and start to conduct safer practices. Until these things happen we may not be able to solve our economic and energy problems of today and tomorrow.

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