Report on Tai Chi

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Report on Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a major branch of Chinese martial arts that is primarily practiced for it's health benefits, including tension and stress, relaxation and as a form of self-defense. The name Tai Chi comes from the Chinese words meaning "great ultimate." It is also known as Tai Chi Chuan meaning, "great ultimate fist."

Among martial arts, there are two basic types, one is called hard martial arts and the other one is soft martial arts. Hard martial arts are like karate and martial arts. The soft martial arts are Ba Gua and Tai Chi.

The study of Tai Chi Chuan is unique in the sense that it marks the historical event of many centuries of Taoist study known as Chi Kung ("excellence of Energy"). It was primarily dedicated to the physical health and spiritual growth. It was very much needed at the time (about 1,000 A.D.) for monks to defend themselves against bandits and warlords. So at that time came an unusual mixture of healing art/martial art which has been known as the internal practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

There are five styles of Tai Chi: The Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun and Woo Schools. Although each of the five styles has characteristics of their own, the essences for all are the same. The most popular style in China is the Yang: the Yang 24 Forms Tai Chi set being the most widely practice. The health benefits have much to do with Tai Chi characteristics. The exercise requires a high degree of concentration, with the mind free of distractions. Breathing is natural, sometimes involving abdominal reparation and its performance is in the rhythmic harmony with body movement.


Tai Chi is based on the Chinese principle of yin and yang, in which opposing but complementary forces combine to create harmo...

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...g and become very aware of the things going on around him or her. So that person mind becomes stronger and has more concentrations. Tai Chi regularly enhances the function of the central nervous systems, keeping the joints flexible and improves the function of the internal organs. Tai Chi is also known to slow a person's aging process. Tai Chi is basically an all-purpose therapy. People practice it for many reasons, whether they want to improve external beauty, mental outlook, or physical health and longevity.

Generally, there is no age limits with Tai Chi, everybody can do it. About 20 percent of the world's population practice Tai Chi. To me, I think older people practice it more often than the younger age. Millions of people practice it in many parks of major cites in China. Since no sports equipment are required Tai Chi could be done at any place and any time.
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