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Religion has been a central driving force in the world for the majority of history. There are many different religions that exist in the world today. In order for these religions to peacefully coexist, it is important that one becomes educated about any religion that may be foreign. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to attend a religious service for a religion that one may not be familiar with. For my religious site visit I realized that I wanted to attend a place of grandeur so I decided to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral in midtown. I had long wanted to visit this huge,majestic, building many times when I pass through the vicinity, but I never had the opportunity to until now. Now I was able to go as a student looking to gain insight into the Christian tradition. I visited the Cathedral on March 30,2014 for the 12:00PM mass. It was a relatively easy commute as the church is located on 50th street and 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan.
When I arrived, it was not difficult to locate the church since it was under renovation at the time. The outside appearance of the Cathedral was still majestic. There were a lot of arches which had the look of a Gothic style. The inside of the building is also under renovation as there is scaffolding around the marble pillars. These pillars are huge and stretch 330 feet into the ceiling. These majestic features have long contributed to the legacy of the church.
This is one of the many reasons why St. Patrick's Cathedral receives many tourists every day. The organizers of the church know this so they have a established a system for worshipers and for tourists alike. When you enter the building during the time of mass, one of the many security guards available at the time may ask you if you ...

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...He explained that it was allowing Jesus Christ into your body and incorporating God into your mind. I finally asked the man about his place in the religion. He replied that when he worships God, he feels a sense of righteousness. He told me that it was all about being at peace within yourself and being at peace with the world.
At the end of the service I reflected on what I had seen and heard. I was pleased with my decision to come to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I had learned much during my time there about the religion of Christianity. I also had many things explained to me which I had previously been ignorant of. While I shall remain a devout Muslim, it was an enlightening experience to be able to learn more about a religion which has existed in the world for thousands of years, and to understand why many of the people in the world today call themselves Christians.

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