Religions and Peace

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Introduction. As history shows, religious faith or belief can often prove to be a much stronger force than considerations of pure self-interest. In some circumstances people will even sacrifice their life for their faith. In spite of whether this powerful force works for the good or bad of mankind, it would be a great mistake to think that the globalization and economization of thought has lessened religion’s importance. Religion continues to act as one of the major factor to better the human behavior. Man is incurably religious although the form and object of his religious feelings may change over time What is Religion? Do we need Religion? There is no proper definition for the world religion as everyone has its own point of view about the religion but there are few things that must be considered and understand when we go on a talk about the religion. What if there was not the true religion, the world would become the darkest prison. What if we were not been told that there are always two paths to spend your life the right path which is difficult because you have to follow rules and the law given by the god, and the other path is the easy path where there are no restrictions there is no obedience required. The main philosophy of the religion is that it gives us the right way of life but is there any right religion on earth? Does god exist? How god looks likes, there are many more questions that arise when we talk about the philosophy of the religion.

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