Recreating Yourself In The Great Gatsby Essay

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The idea of recreating yourself seems tempting to all people at some point in their lives. Yet recreating yourself involves lying, like the main character in The Great Gatsby did. Throughout The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there were many times where the characters, especially Jay Gatsby, appear to create a new image for themselves. The way that Jay Gatsby develops through the book is different than other characters because at the end of the book when he dies the consequences to his lies came back to him after recreated himself. Sometimes recreating your image can lead to unwanted consequences like it did for Gatsby. From the beginning of the novel all the way through to the end the reader reads how the narrator, Nick Carraway, portrays Gatsby recreating himself. Nick assumes the position in …show more content…

What happens if you cannot be honest with people, are you truly connecting with them? A friendship and a relationship between husband and wife have the commonality that they are based on the basics of getting to know one another. It is like a house, you must build the base and the walls before putting on the roof. If the walls in the relationship are simply lies when you try to take the next step of putting on the roof the house will simply tumble. This occurred between Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. In the end of the novel, Daisy finds out about all the lies she has been told, and no matter how much she loves Gatsby for whom he created himself to be she could not get over that he had lied to her about it. Daisy ends up staying with Tom and leaving Gatsby. As this may seem sad to the reader, and with the narrator making it appear to be Daisy’s fault the reader should look at how Gatsby had been deceiving someone who he loved. However, if he truly did love Daisy there should have been no reason for him to deceive her the way he had. This goes to show how lies can wreck and sever relationships as if they never

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