Reflective Reflection On Sexuality

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Throughout the semester, we have discussed many topics and have learned a lot about sexuality in the world. As I discovered new ways of thinking and new concepts that I have never experienced, I feel that I have grown as both a student and as a young person figuring out where my morals, especially on sexuality, stand. With this class coming to an end, I am able to see that I have improved on the topics of employing skills necessary for building healthy relationships, being able to express and understanding of diversity in human sexuality, and being apply critical skills to reflect my owns beliefs on sexuality. As someone who has never really been in a really relationship, I do not have too much experience of what it means to have a healthy relationship. The knowledge I have gained about relationships has come from viewing my parents, my sister’s relationship with her…show more content…
The outcome I need to work on is being able to discuss sexuality-related subjects maturely in varying situations. Since the beginning of the class, I have learned to talk about sexuality in a general format with close friends, especially those who have taken a human sexuality course, as we no longer see it as inappropriate. Despite discussing sexuality with my friends, I still feel a sense of discomfort to talk about it with people older than me, especially my parents and other family members. I think the reason for this discomfort is that I am still stuck in the childish habit in which you see sexuality as something embarrassing to talk about with your parents. I feel that until I get over this embarrassment that it will hold me back to talk about sexuality with others, especially if I were to have kids one day. I am hoping as I get older that I will reach an age where I no longer feel that embarrassment and will feel comfortable to discuss sexuality with others, including my

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