The Effects Of Social Class On Education

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Social class affects Education Education has been provided for all students in the United States. As we see educational opportunity in the United States has been determined by one 's socioeconomic status. Although all students have the opportunity to receive an education, it is not equally given to students because of their socioeconomic status. Students in the lower class are given less educational opportunity then the higher class. The higher class goes above and beyond to encourage students to pursue an education. While students in the lower class are not as encouraged as the higher class education. Social class has effects on student’s education in the lower class. As we see Henry in “Two Students, Two Schools” students do not receive equal educational opportunities. Henry attends Jefferson high school where mostly Hispanic students attend. As Mitchell Landsberg says “Today it is a landing pad for the children of immigrants. Nearly half the students learn English as a second language. Free lunch is available to anyone willing to stand in line. About 800 freshman arrive each year, most ill-prepared for high school. Four years later, about 200 pick up diplomas.” (7) Educational opportunities…show more content…
They were too busy thinking about how there were going to be living from day to day. They know Henry is a good students as is capable of so much just as any other person willing to. When Henry was asked about college he did not have many colleges in mind “Henry without a clue where he might want to go to college. After talking to the school nurse, a UC Santa Barbara graduate, he decided it sounded like a good place, because he likes the beach.” (Landsberg 10) Many students from the low socioeconomic class are not well informed about colleges and educational opportunities they have. They are left without a clue and may be the reason on why many students in the lower class do not wish to continue their
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