Reflection Paper On Same Sex

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As a child we are told that we can be anything we want. We are told that if we wanted to be a fireman, policeman or astronaut, we can become it. We are told that if we have the passion and desire for something, we will achieve it. But what if I wanted the freedom to express myself to the utmost? We are told we have the right to be anything we want, but ourselves. When I was a child I wanted to take guitar classes, but my mother put me in figure skating classes because it was the girly thing to do and I had no say because I was merely a child. When I realized I liked the same sex in middle school I had no voice because I was a child who was exploring her sexuality. Age eighteen and I still have no say because I’m still a child who is confused. I knew that my voice would be silenced and I was going against the norm of society. The church says gays are an abomination. The government says gays aren't allowed to marry. Every day on the news there another image of a gay student who committed suicide due to bullying. I wasn't allowed to be myself because I knew being gay was not looked upon lightly by others. I hid myself from my friends and most importantly my parents due to the fear of society constriction against me. I was strong enough not to end up on the news but the right to be myself was taken away. 2. Description Anti-Gay groups believe that homosexuals hold no right in our society. Hate groups often cite religion as the reason behind their actions and the source of their beliefs. Anti-Gay protest groups launch verbal and physical attacks on homosexuals creating hate posters that say “God hates fags”. Violent acts of hatred is not new to the world. Anti-gay groups believe that homosexuals are the root of all evil and unholy. Ide... ... middle of paper ... ...t and understanding they would want in return. People would be the back bone and emotional support for one another. In a precious world such as that, homophobia would not exist because of the kindness and respect of its members towards one another would mean that differences within the community would be valued and celebrated. Homophobic societies deny these differences and are strongly prohibited. The effects on homophobic bullying causes vicious attacks mentally and physically toward those of the gay community as well as straight people who "appears to be gay" or supporters of gay rights. Homophobia forces the ideology of stereotypes and that man are perceived to act "macho" and woman to be "feminine". Homophobia limits our individuality and self-expression to appreciate the diversity and unique traits within our society that are not viewed as the “norm”.
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