Reflective Essay On Celibacy

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Currently, the aspect of my sexual self is celibacy, I chose to remain abstaintance from sexual activity and masturbation. I have no sexual experience whatsoever and I believe that many reasons have lead for me to making this decision for myself. Many different factors have led to my choices, there are certain expectations from my parents, my culture/religion, and also myself to me. There are also certain fears and various different factors that have lead me to believe that I am not ready at this point in my life to engage into any sorts of sexual activity. I choose celibacy because it’s the right option for me at this point in life.
There are many reasons that have lead me to make this decision for myself and one of the reasons for why …show more content…

I grew up in a household where the word “sex” did not even exist, of course I knew what sex is and I’m sure that everyone in my family does as well but it’s a topic that was never discussed, at least not in my house. Although I did not grow up being told that I should not have sex until I am married, we just simply never talked about sex and our environment was such that we knew without being told that we, myself and my siblings (older sister and younger brother), that we are expected not to engage in sexual intercourse until marriage. Both my religion and culture also plays a major role for why my parents have never brought up the word “sex” into our household. My family is not very religious, however, my parents do have a strict policy on sex and I’m certain that there view of remaining free of any sexuality activity until marriage contributed from my religion, Sikhism, because it’s the right thing to do. To this day, I do not believe that I have even ever heard the word “sex” in my house. My parents never had the sex talk with me or any of my siblings and yet we know what our parents and our culture expects from us. Besides my religion my culture also plays a major role into the sexual being I have become today. This has always been this fear in my head and I’m quite certain that many individuals from my religion and culture share, if I am to become sexually active prior …show more content…

In either one of these situations, my parents would not be pleased however, I truly believe that they would react very differently towards my brother and me and my sister. My parents would most differently have a harder time accepting this sort of situation if it were the case with me or my sister. Although I do not believe in gender role expectations, I must confess that growing up and having a different set of expectations for being a female has differently somehow played a role with how I am sexually. I’m aware that my parent would not approve of me if I were to be sexually active at this point in my life, in fact, they would most likely not even be pleased with me if they were aware that I am doing this assignment.
Even though, they both are fully aware that I do work in setting in which I have seen a lot of anatomy and am fully aware of how the sexual anatomy works as well. They are also aware that my sister, being a nurse, as also seen a great amount of anatomy as well. I do not approve of the gender role expectations, which not only parents but my entire community shares as well, I would not want to disappoint my parents either by doing something that I know they will not approve of, this case, becoming sexually active prior to

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