Reflection Paper On Classical Music

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Classical music is considered to play an important role in the general education of children in the United States. Everyone grows up hearing a classical song here and there but very few are able to truly enjoy the beauty in classical music. Last Saturday, November 12th, I had the opportunity to attend my first Classical music concert at the Fresno State Concert Hall. It was a fairly small auditorium with architecture built specifically to amplify and enhance the sound of the orchestra. Here, I was able to listen to the Fresno State Symphony Orchestra perform with Maria Briggs. The performance was about an hour in total, with a small intermission after the first five songs. The orchestra played first played Gwendoline Overture in Allegro con fuoco by Emmanuel Charbrier. Then they moved on to Richard Strauss’s Vier letzte Lieder, translated into Four Last Songs, playing Fruhling (Spring), September, Beim Schlafengehen (When Falling Asleep), and Im Abendrot (At Sunset). After a short intermission, they played two more pieces, each from Florent Schmitt’s La Tragedie de Salome Op. 50 titled Prelude - Danse des…show more content…
This was a beautiful piece, with exquisite dynamics and a beautiful melody. It is amazing to experience something like this, where you can truly understand how important each note, each instrument is to the overall sound of the piece. The tempo was quite fast and as the piece played, I could imagine stories that would pair with it well. My favorite part of this piece was the first minute or so of play. There was a steady rhythm to the music and the violins were absolutely beautiful. This was my favorite piece of the night. The music was gorgeous, each note ever so delicately played. This piece was interesting because it seemed to follow some sort of

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