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  • Essay On Orchestra

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    professional musician as part of a symphony orchestra and a specific goal is to become the principal player the section. One of the reasons I’ve decided to have professional musician as my career option is because I’ve been preparing most to have this career as my job. I have been playing the violin for almost 10years and ever since I started the violin, I’ve always been participating in some kind of music program. I have played in 6 different youth symphony orchestras, performed as a soloist ,and have played

  • Instruments Of The Orchestra

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    Instruments of the Orchestra Strings: The viola is an important member of the orchestra, but is not often heard by itself. Because it is bigger than the violin, with longer strings, it makes a rich, warm sound that is lower in pitch. In contrast to the viola the violin is the smallest member of the string family. Because its strings are the shortest, it produces the highest sound. The viola is a little heavier, and its shape is slightly different, too. But it is still played on the violist’s left

  • The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra

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    from the faraway. A brief summarization of clarinet history and manufacturers, classical and classical jazz clarinet performers, classical clarinet and jazz composers (song writers), classical repertoires, well known old days jazz music, and famous orchestras, the Colorado and Philadelphia ones. History and Manufacturers Chalumeau or single-reed woodwind is a predecessor of nowadays clarinet and was made in late 1600s. In 1700s the woodwind maker from Germany Johann Christoph Denner improved the chalumeau

  • Essay On Orchestra Performance

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    I went to the chicago symphony orchestra performance on friday the 27th of November. I have never been to a professional orchestra performance before and I can say that this was far from what i expected. I really liked this performance as it was interesting and fun and seeing the maturity and experience that comes from a professional orchestra was a very cool thing. It was a great length at about an hour and a half and kept my attention all throughout. Throughout the night, I heard a collection

  • Band And Orchestra Essay

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    When explaining band and orchestra, they can be further broken down into different groups. Orchestra can be further broken down into string orchestra and symphony orchestra while the band can be broken down into jazz band and rock band. These classifications separate musicians into different musical groups depending what type of music and instruments they play, Children are given the opportunity to play an instrument starting their fifth-grade year. Many kids, however, do not know whether they want

  • A Conductor's Relationship With The Orchestra

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    “What are the primary aspects of the relationship between conductor and orchestra? How can a conductor’s gestures, words, and personality affect an orchestra positively and negatively?” To bestow the role of a conductor on to a musician presents a series of both physical and mental challenges. Throughout the years, there have been numerous studies based around the psychological effects of orchestral performance, of which the majority have been based around the perception of the conductor through

  • Orchestra Concert Evaluation

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    An orchestra concert is a show where people perform their music pieces to people like their parent, friends, or others. I had the same thing on May fifth. During that night, groups of students from sixth, seventh, and eighth played pieces the director, Mr. Dean chose. My classmates and I had many improvements from the year before but some mistakes were included. Instead of first telling what the groups or the group I was in I want to start out with saying what I did. First, I maintained the tempo

  • The Winter Orchestra Concert

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    The Winter Orchestra Concert on March 10 was amazing. The first band was Concert Orchestra. The first piece they played was Allegro by J.H. Fiocco, arranged by E.D. Borgo. This song had an equal tone quality. The violins were great with keeping up with the tempo. It sounded like one instrument the blending was amazing. The violins had awesome sixteenth note runs. It was also a constant dynamic it was forte. The intonation of the performers was good. The balance between the instruments was also equal

  • Essay On Symphony Orchestra

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    On April 30, 2014, I attended a symphony orchestra at CSU. This is my first time attending a symphony concert; going into the concert I did not think that I would like the concert and the environment also I did not think that there was going to be a lot of people coming. At the beginning of the concert the conductor introduced himself and the symphony and talked about the history of it and played a little bit of each of the four movements and explained everything about them. The Symphony No. 5 in

  • My Night at the Orchestra

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    Never before the night of February 26th, 2014 had I been to a symphony orchestra. It was a first time experience for me and one I will truly not be able to forget easily. The Grand Valley State University Symphony Orchestra as well as the Chamber Orchestra performed that night and it was quite a show. The concert was set to begin at 8 pm and knowing that, I arrived at 7:30 pm to make sure I could fully take in the experiences that occur before the show truly begins. As I walked into the Louis Armstrong

  • The Pianist And The Orchestra Analysis

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    The “mystery piece” is a very unique musical piece that presenting the dialogue between the pianist and the orchestra. The music piece begins with the orchestra. It sounds energy and heavy. It takes attention to audience in order to present the strong and angry emotion. The tempo and melody are unstable. Until 0:18’’ the piano begins to play, everything is changing. The music becomes soft and light that makes audience feels relaxed. The melody is stable that makes audience more peaceful. In the dynamics

  • Reflection Of The QC Orchestra

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    On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, the QC Orchestra performed three different flute concertos in Samuel J. and Ethel Lefrak Concert Hall. The three concertos include Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Major, K 313, Reinecke’s Flute Concerto in D major op.283 and Ibert’s Flute Concerto op. 37. Mozart’s Flute Concerto opened with a familiar ritornello which played by the string instruments. At the beginning, the dynamic of the ritornello was forte then it changed to piano. When the flute was soloing, the

  • Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Analysis

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    The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra preformed Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantasique, in 2001 at the St. Irene church in Turkey. Saint Irene’s interior is made up of bricks and stones that gives the church a rustic appearance. Behind the Orchestra were immense windows with horizontal and vertical lines that created dainty squares. The windows played a considerable role in the concert because the natural lighting highlighted each performer. Also, the classic beige columns stood tall and created arches

  • Illinois Symphony Orchestra Review

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    On Saturday, February 22 the Illinois Symphony Orchestra performed their first program of their 2014 season at Sangamon Auditorium conducted by Alastair Willis. The program was called “Shimmering Shakespeare” because the second act was made up of movements from the ballet, Romeo and Juliet. The first half of the performance was a percussion concerto with a featured guest artist, Joseph Gramley. The performance used all of the traditional orchestra instruments but there were extra emphasis on the

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra Analysis

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    The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the most historical groups that was created in Boston Massachusetts. The Boston Symphony Orchestra Andris Nelsons’ Inaugural Concert took place in September of 2014. The concert was aired on television in May of 2015. The concert was dedicated to welcoming the new director of the Boston Symphony. The concert took place in one of the most proclaimed orchestra halls simply named Boston Hall. The complete orchestra was directed by Andris Nelsons himself. Along

  • Baylor Symphony Orchestra Performance

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    I attended the last performance of the Baylor Symphony Orchestra on April 27, 2017 at 7:30pm. The concert was held in Baylor University’s Jones Concert Hall. The environment of the concert was pleasant. The concert hall was cavernous but lacked any balcony seating. Nevertheless, there was plenty of room for attendees to sit. The clothing of people attending the concert varied greatly. Younger people, presumably students of the university, wore causal clothing while older people wore formal to semi-formal

  • The London Symphony Orchestra Analysis

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    I watched an online video of a concert by The London Symphony Orchestra. They did a rendition of the song known as Unchained Melody. This song was originally performed by an artist called Righteous Brothers. The place I heard the concert was on YouTube. I heard the concert on April 18, 2016. The music I was heard was very pleasing to the ear. It was soothing, steady, and pleasant. It matched up to the rhythm and beat of the original song perfectly. The performers were attempting a historically "authentic"

  • Beethoven Symphony Orchestra Report

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    Appalachian Symphony Orchestra performed, Morning,Noon, and Night in Boone. The Orchestra was arranged on stage in a normal set up, the concertmaster was on the left hand side of the Conductor, the strings in the front, woodwinds in the middle, and brass and percussions in the back. The instruments in the back were on an elevated platform, so there sound could project and be heard. Before the conductor came out, the concertmaster signaled each section to play a note. Once, the conductor came out

  • The Challenges Of The 21st Century Orchestra

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    The 21st Century Orchestra Very little has stayed the same today as it was one, two, three hundred years ago; the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the technology we use. So if everything else has changed, how can we expect our symphony orchestra to thrive, unaltered? The answer is we can’t. We are at a time within symphonic music where the definition of the orchestra has room for change, and diversity is absolutely necessary. Everywhere you look, there are statistics and figures displaying the

  • Orchestra Concert Review Essay

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    The Philharmonic Orchestra performed at Lindenwood University Friday March 3rd at 8 O’clock. The Orchestra was under the direction of Robert Hart Baker. I have never attended a live orchestra performance so it was eye-opening to listen to the beautiful sounds that arose from the array of instruments in the orchestra. There were about ninety members and more than half of the members were string players which consisted of a lot of violins, cellos, and basses. Behind the strings sat the brass and woodwind