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What do people commonly think when they hear the word education? Well, when people hear education they automatically think school. Education is not just something people go to school for. People learn and grow before attending school and continue to grow and educate themselves or by others after they graduate school. Consequently, school is not education it is more complex and valuable than that. Education starts from birth and stays with a person throughout each phase of their life. Nobody can deprive one another from education it can either be self taught or taught by others.
"Newman argued that education had to do more than just prepare people for different careers-it had to teach a body of knowledge and set of skills that, while
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Simple things such as tying one 's shoe, learning ABC 's for the first time, or being able to distinguish from hot and cold. At this point in one 's life they soak in every miniscule detail like a sponge. This information is not taught by a teacher, but by one 's parents or themselves. Things become easier and easier for the child to learn as they practice the skills more.
As one starts to grow older and mature so does their education experience. By now they will have learned broader concepts and be able to master abstract thinking. As one continues to grow physically and intellectually their future consists of becoming a nurse, teacher, mechanic, and so forth. Attending school helps better their knowledge and understanding. This is where teachers come into play. A teacher is not always a good influence on education, some can be bad. For example, letting students pass with little or no effort results in nothing and is a considerably waste of time.
Therefore, when given the opportunity to pick your teacher, do not pick the easiest or the one that assigns less work. Pick the one that will benefit you in the future. Education does not stop after high school or
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One that particularly focuses on that person 's interest or field choice. For example, if one decides to become a nurse. College will be required. But, the education does not stop after college is completed. As a nurse you will continue to grow and educate yourself to become the best nurse you can be. Learning new medications, illness, or even how to properly sanitize your hands.
After one retires from a career, education will still be involved in their life. Whether it 's teaching grandchildren or choosing the best options for their "new" retired life. Or maybe in some cases, passing knowledge already learned down to the next generation.
Being able to educate others and oneself is essential for growth and improvement in life. Education can not only better oneself, but help remove people from social classes that they were already born into. In result, healthier communities and environments. Not only does being educated help remove oneself from social classes but also has many other benefits. If one sounds and acts educated, one will more likely be taken seriously.
"There is no greater godliness than to transform yourself with the Way, no greater blessing than to escape misfortune."
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