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Throughout life people constantly learn new things about themselves and the world around them that shape their beliefs and how they view life. For some, these views with a better education or better book knowledge. Others have these life-changing events through experience and self-reflections. But the beliefs don’t have to major, they can be as small as changing their favorite food, or as big as changing their religion or sexuality. For as long I can remember, I’ve been going to church. I can remember trying (and failing) to stay awake all service, or running around with other kids in my dress. I can hear my mom singing along to all the songs, and see my dad banging on the drums to move the service along. I was raised in the church, and as a result I grew up to be very religious. I could always find comfort in know that there was some God out in the great beyond watching out for me. In addition to all the normal prayers in the morning, before meals, and before bed, I would pray all the time for the smallest things. I would pray for snow so…show more content…
This absolutely broke me. As a child I had no idea this was coming, or why it was happening. My parents had always seemed happy to me but before I knew it my mother, brothers, and I were on a plane heading away from Colorado and to Connecticut. I was so angry with God. I experienced cognitive dissonance because I didn’t understand how someone that was supposed to love and protect me had let such a terrible thing happen. For a while, whenever I would pray I’d just yell or ask Him why He did it, but when I received no answer I stopped praying. I let go of my relationship with God. He couldn’t give me the answers I wanted, so I lost interest. After about a year of living with my aunt, who went to church at least three times a week, I turned back to God. I learned to accept that all things happen for a reason and returned to my daily prayer. For years my faith went
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