Reflection On When The Chips Are Down

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Today I learned from reflecting on our sixth class session about how students may feel cheated, overwhelmed, and even like a failure in how the education system can be stacked up against them and their needs when accommodations and adaptations are not in place and they are expected to perform in an environment in which their needs are not being met. Nowhere was this more evident that when the class participated in conducting the star sheet simulation in which we had to rely on a mirror reflection to trace over the paper star without looking directly at the star itself. That example served as an analogy one could say of how challenging and difficult that students with special learning needs may feel with being tasked to do something that is not within their comfort zone of doing when being expected to …show more content…

In the video “When the Chips are down” by Rick Lavoie, I learned not only the same information as mentioned above but also helpful solutions that Rick Lavoie offered for teachers in how to respond with negative and positive student behavior. The presenter suggested among the following that teachers: restrain from yelling too much, as that might leave students to be less responsive over time; to extend verbal praise and other positive reinforcement as change from negative behavior; reinforce behavior progressively as the child makes steps towards positive behavior; set deadline incentive challenges to have the student complete tasks with positive behavior; and also the ‘broken record technique’ in which to state the rule 3 times to the offending student after indicating the infraction that was committed by the

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