Reflection On The Crime Analysis Department

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Introduction During my summer internship at the Charlotte- Mecklenburg Police Department, I was assigned to the Crime Analysis Division. As an intern in this division I was assigned a multitude of tasks that varied from day to day and I was responsible for completing them in a timely and accurate manner. Upon first arriving I was giving a long term project where I periodically updated and improved upon a PowerPoint slide show that contained all of the pictures of suspects in numerous fraud cases. This PowerPoint was sent out bi-weekly to the fraud detectives to assist them in connecting cases and identifying subjects. In addition to this project I was trained and educated in various programs that the CMPD utilizes. I spent a large amount of time on the department’s incident report database, KBCOPS where I read through cases and determined if they should be reexamined for UCR reclassification. This database was also useful for looking up incident reports in connection with other tasks I was assigned.…show more content…
I was assigned to search for a number of suspects and had to make sure that all of their criminal history was compiled even if their name or birthday was incorrect in the records. I trained in more detailed use of Microsoft Excel by my supervisor Robert Broughton. Through the training I learned about how the Crime Analysis Unit utilizes Pivot Tables and formulas in their projects. I was assigned tasks to reinforce this training that allowed me to see firsthand how useful these skills were. I also had basic training in Microsoft Access where I learned how to layer spreadsheets and connect the data contained within the

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