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Discovery Swim team
My third swimming observation was a high school swim team. A high school swim team was different than the swimming classes that were held at GGC. The first thing the swim team did as soon as they entered the pool area was swim a 300 yards, which was a warm-up. For many students this was a killer because that meant they had to swim a total of 6 laps. As I observed I saw that this swim team was different to another swim team I observed later. There were two coaches but they mostly observed and there was a minimum amount of corrections. I found this interesting because compared to the other coaches there was always corrections and a coach yelling whenever she or he wanted a skill to be done correctly. I saw that the coaches
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I had the opportunity to observe different age group of students. The majority of my hours were experiencing the swim classes with high school students which is the grade level I would like to teach. I have gained some experience when observing them. I was also able to experience the teacher- student engagement and a learning environments throughout most of my observations. Throughout my fieldwork experience with the swimming' class='brand-secondary'>swimming classes I was able to observe the different approaches many of the swim coaches had when teaching their team new skills. I have learned to how to be patient and understanding when working with large groups of people. I also learned that I should push my future students to do their best and have high expectations from them. My field work experience has also taught me to have the passion and magic for teaching which will make a classroom more fun and engaging. Through my fieldwork experiences and observations I was able to learn lots of new things that will guide me to become a successful teacher in the future. This experience was an all-around learning experience because I got to learn more about the students, teachers, coaches and overall myself and how I want to portray myself in my future

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