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My Puppy and I’s Training: From Day One Until Forever When I was young, I would watch my dad train our dogs. I learned how to train them and how they listened. I was fascinated by the way my dad was so calm and collected when they wouldn’t listen to him. He would use a firm tone of voice to let them to know that he was calling them without screaming at them. Every day they were more obedient, every day my dad would train them and every day they became smarter and smarter. Then we got my Christmas present, a puppy named “Brownie.” My dad trained her quickly and she learned quickly. By the time she was one year old, she knew how to hold her potty until we let her out. We lived in apartments, so she couldn’t stay outside the whole day to go.…show more content…
I have been taught how to train dogs by my dad, so he agreed. I chose to train my pup because I wanted to show my parents that I am responsible. My mom didn’t like the idea at first, but she saw that I wouldn’t stop training her, so she finally accepted it. It will be a tough task, but I won 't give up, I have school and homework and work to do, but I will always make time to train her. I have a Pitbull Husky Mix, she is now 5 months going on 6 months. She now knows how to sit, stay, her name(Nevaeh), she’s learning how to go down and to roll over. By the end of my project, I will have taught her how to be obedient, well-mannered, and to like bath time. Also, she will be getting spayed because I don’t want to deal with her period or getting pregnant. When she’s one year old, I will buy her a vest to put weights on her to make her strong. We will be going on runs and walks and swimming a lot in the summer. I will have taken videos of her in training during the project period. I will eventually have a Youtube video of her when she’s older. Nevaeh will be carrying weighted vests and dragging weights on a one-pound chain. By the time she is two years old, I would like her to be at least 125 lbs of pure muscle. I am going to train her how to be protective towards my family. I don’t have any friends, they’re all my brothers, she’s already used to seeing them so step 1 is…show more content…
It answered my question; what are the methods for teaching these tricks? According to this site, the pup’s name is important because you 'll need it to look at you on any occasion (this is not the same as “come”). It is also recommended to keep the phrases “yes” & “no” separate. “Yes” means keep doing what you 're doing, and “no” means stop what you 're doing. Tell the pup to sit and stay, take five to six steps back, then say “come.” It also says to clap, but I don 't find clapping useful, so I just point and it also works. When you say “sit” it means to put its butt in the ground until given another signal such as “free” which means it can move. “Sit,” then say “free,” then proceed to move around the pup to let it know it can move. Walking on a leash with a three- to four-foot long lead is a good way to start. Once the pup is used to it, take a few steps going in one direction and then turn the other direction and do the same, all in one smooth movement. Making a spot outside for the pup to go potty is good so that the pup knows where to go and where not to go. In fact, sometimes the pups choose the spot. Socializing it from day one when you get it, it is best to do so for between eight to sixteen weeks. Get the pup used to as many sounds, motions, people, animals, and objects. Allow your pup to play with other pups as well as socialize with adult dogs. This will teach the pup self-control and good manners.

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