Reflection On Family Interaction

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to the observations. Ideally, the social worker suggests alternative patterns of communication, describes interactions, and discusses the factors that reinforce the problem. During a discussion about these observations, the social worker may use reframing so that the family can understand their interactions in a different way. They may also use circular questioning. This method may help the family address the presenting problem and accomplish the goal because it is an opportunity to discuss a common interaction that they have not been able to resolve on their own. An observer with an objective opinion can provide insight, whereas reframing and circular questions can get the family to think differently about their roles, boundaries, and…show more content…
As graphically represented in my genogram (see Appendix), my father 's side of the family is extensive with many members. My paternal grandfather, John was a White male with Irish ancestry who identified as Catholic. My paternal grandmother, Irene is a White female, a Polish immigrant, and also identifies as Catholic. She lived in Labour Camps during World War II and escaped to Canada with her siblings. While a young child named Stephen died as a baby, my grandparents raised their surviving 8 children with strong Catholic family…show more content…
In my family, the current family dynamics are influenced by events that occurred so long ago that many younger family members are disconnected from and have no knowledge about. It demonstrates that a family can experience tension and conflict regularly, yet every member may not understand the reasons. Furthermore, beliefs and unresolved emotional conflict can affect generations of families. This complexity of family conflict emphasizes that interventions sometimes require exploring the past, revisiting conflict, and discussing difficult

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