Reflection Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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In Charlotte Bronte’s’, The Yellow Wallpaper the narrator is healthy until her husband, John moves her into a new house where she is confined and is in solitude. The Yellow Wallpaper makes Charlotte Bronte go mad, mentally and physically. Charlotte’s husband, John believes since she is sickly he should confine her in an attic with a cure called The Rest Cure which means the patient can not do anything but sit around their room all day. I chose this story because of the intense amount of detail in the room as well as with Bronte’s rapidly changing personality. When Charlotte first arrives at the house she says “A colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house” (Stetson, 647). Immediately when Charlotte arrives she begins…show more content…
Bronte has been confined for a couple of weeks at this point and begins to see a woman moving in the wallpaper because she is becoming lonely. “And it is like a woman stooping down and creeping about behind that pattern” (Stetson, 652). She begins to think that as the amount of sunlight changes in the room so does the wallpaper, “When the sun shoots in through the east window- I always watch for that first long, straight ray- it changes so quickly that I never can believe it” (Stetson, 653). “By moonlight- the moon shines in all night when there is a moon- I wouldn’t know it was the same paper” (Stetson, 653). She says with when it is dark outside and then a light in the room turns on whether it be a candle or lamp it looks as if the wallpaper becomes a jail for the woman that is stuck behind the yellow wallpaper. Bronte says besides the light changes that scare her, the wallpaper also smells. She says that the wallpaper smells only when it has not been sunny with a lot of air rushing into the room. The whole house smells of the wallpaper and so does she. Bronte says it is “A yellow smell” (Stetson, 654). Bronte begins to see the woman more and more, in the sunlight the woman will not move but when there is a spot of darkness or shade, the woman will “take hold of the bars and shake them hard” (Stetson,…show more content…
Physically she is confined to the house and the bed, mentally she is confined to only thinking about the same things (the woman behind the wallpaper) all day everyday since she is stuck in the same room for a long period of time. Bronte is extremely influenced by her situation, she got to the house not mentally sick but as the story goes on she becomes extremely mentally ill. The space makes you think she could possibly be in a mental hospital since it is in the middle of nowhere and she is confined to her room. John could just be visiting her and that why there is such a certain amount of time she is in this room and as to why the furniture could be bolted to the floor and bars are on the
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