Reflection Of Special Education: My Philosophy Of Student Diversity

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Philosophy of Student Diversity As an inspired teacher of secondary education /special education, one of the ideas that most appealed to me was working with students of various ages and learning abilities. I’ve come to realize even more so now with the changing demographics in U.S. schools that we are becoming a very diverse population. Within my classroom student’s differences may consist of their academic level, cultural background, personality, religious beliefs, and the list go on. Hence, in today’s classroom as a teacher it is important that I embrace, model the attitude to my students, and make positive use of diversity. When educators value diversity, we recognize and respect the fact that people are different and that these differences are generally a good thing. For example, when attempting to solve a problem, it is better to assemble a diverse team with many skills and many different ways of approaching the problem than it is to assemble a team that has all their strength concentrated in one area. If a student feels uncomfortable, unsafe, or not…show more content…
I want all of my students to be self-confident, have self-respect, and treat each other respectfully. My students will learn how to be sensitive and caring individuals, and in order for them to do this they need to be exposed to other cultures and differences. If children are not taught to be kind, considerate and caring to individuals who are different, then it is impossible for them to know how to act or react to these differences. Engaging my students in “getting-to-know you” activities on the first day of class is a good ice breaker, and will allow the students to tell a little bit about themselves and to share with their peers. In addition to having respectful relationships with their peers, I will incorporate multicultural education into my
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