Reflection Of My Life In My Senior Year Of High School

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A high point in my adolescence years was right before my senior year of high school started. My school, Holland Christian, takes all of the senior class for a weekend out at Timberwolf camp for a time of bonding, fun, and worship. In one of the worship sessions, everyone was on a ‘spiritual high’ from the weekend, and in particular, this worship service. One of our teachers asked for a few minutes of silent reflection. After a few minutes, he felt moved to ask our class if we felt moved to come up on stage and apologize to our classmates. My class was notorious for being awful to our teachers and to each other. And one by one my classmates were moved to walk up on stage and apologize, and I did too. I apologized for thinking about who should be going up there, instead of what I had been doing wrong. I also apologized for not letting go of past things that people have done, and leaving them in a box where they shouldn’t belong. This was a high point for me because it was a moment where I felt close to God, and where I forgave a lot of past wrong-doings that had been hurting me. As I continued to grow from…show more content…
It was in this time that I was diagnosed with IBS, while fighting acid reflux, vertigo, and many other health ailments. My home life was in a state of constant uncertainty due to my adopted brother. And the majority of my teen years have been blocked out or suppressed because of the amount of emotional scarring that took place. I look back on those times, and I realize that if I didn’t have Christ holding me up, I wouldn’t be writing this assignment today. My brother did end up being placed into Teen Challenge in Minnesota, and he hasn’t lived with my family since. That movement of him shifted the tone from survival in crisis to survival coming out of it. It was in my late adolescence that my life got a lot worse, before it got better as I adjusted to what a ‘normal’ life was supposed to look

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