Reflection Of Choosing A Major In College Education

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Choosing a major is such a difficult decision. During the second semester of my college education, we had to start observing teachers in elementary. This is the best way for someone to determine if one would like to go into the education field. It is especially important for prospective teachers because although you do not realize it as a student, teaching is a very demanding, burdensome job that requires patience and determination.
Although the American society is diverse in cultural or ethnic groups, one should expect this in a classroom. Due to the diversity, the classroom of students will have various levels of knowledge on the subjects being taught, and how they grasp those subjects. The educator is required to be able to inspire students and have a curriculum that reflects the learning styles of all students. I would say this semester has been helpful
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Co-teaching is an option that can work without requiring that every special educator be certified in multiple core content areas. I say this because during the pull-out groups the teacher had another teacher work with the student with Autism. This is a very effective for student with special needs to continue with the one on one teaches. Also, each pull-out was a small group that concentrated either on reading or mathematics. In addition, a student may be pulled out of a general education setting for assistance with completing an exam or other requirements.
I like the pull-out method do to the focus is to ensure the students are receiving full access to the general education curriculum while limiting any disruption to their daily schedule. When a teacher adapts a curriculum, the teacher works to accommodate as many students’ needs as possible by developing an array of potential supports. This is just one area that can help with Individualized Education Program
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