Reflection Of A Different Mirror For Young People

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I am mainly Mexican and German. My extended family’s cultural and racial background is a wide mix of African American, Asian, Jewish, Mexican, and White. In my personal household, we celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. We do not celebrate many traditional Mexican holidays, but Mexican cultural was always very prevalent in my household thanks to my grandmother. My high school is located in my hometown of Elk River. This area is a suburb. My high school, Elk River High School, is fairly big. In my graduating class there was around 400 students. The school has some diversity, but not much. It is starting to get more diverse thought. Despite there being a lack of representation, most students I surrounded myself with were very…show more content…
This is also a very remarkable book to me. I have learned about many of the topic discussed in the book before. But as we discussed in class, I have not learned about it from the perspective of those who have experienced it. I am excited to learn history through a lenses which focuses on other groups of people. History has always been one of my favorite subjects, but I feel I will like it even more now when I can get a more widen and fuller view of it. I like the fact this book focuses on many groups of people as well. I look forward to continue reading the book and learning more about the perspectives and lives of other groups. The articles we have read are also thought-provoking to me. One I would like to focus on in particular is the Sundown Town article. This article is attention-grabbing to me for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is because of how close some of these towns were. Many of them were in Minnesota, and this is very sad to me. Another reason these the article is interesting to me is because it shows the effects of these types of towns. It shows how the past racism when ignored and unacknowledged can effect present day, making towns less diverse and leaving people feeling
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