Reflection In Learning English

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The purpose of English 102 is to teach students to compose multiple genres of writing and to consider how diverse electronic environments and digital tools facilitate the countless rhetorical situations of personal, social, civic, academic, and professional discourses. Throughout this course I was able to become more knowledgeable of rhetoric and how it affects our lives every day. Before taking this course, I was not aware of how rhetoric constantly shapes who I am as a reader, writer, and critical thinker. Throughout this course I have developed better reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. To prove how I have improved in these three areas, I will provide information about my development of new habits/practices, writing process strategies,…show more content…
This course has helped me develop habits and practices that have improved my writing. I have learned to begin my writing process early to help avoid procrastination. This has allowed me to become more persistent with my writing. Being persistent has allowed me to generate my ideas by outlining and planning ahead of time before I begin drafting my thoughts and ideas so that I have a more clear and concise idea of my topic. I have also learned to ask for help. This course has allowed me to gain more confidence by asking for feedback on my work so that my final draft will be my best work. Sending drafts to my peers for feedback has been immensely helpful in regards to the way I conduct my writing. During our second paper, we were put into groups based on the topic we wanted to research and write about. Because it was a collaborative writing project, I was able to benefit from my peers based on the skills they already had so I improved by permitting my peers to teach and help me through the use of their skills that they already possessed. It has allowed me to understand ways that my peers conduct their writing and observe their habits which endorsed me to develop new habits/practices that will benefit me in the long run. These habits and practices have allowed me to improve in ways that have helped me shape who I am as a…show more content…
I have been able to develop a more beneficial note taking strategy, for example, during WP2 we were taught to create SERQIs while we analyzed sources. SERQI stands for Summary, Evaluation, Reflection, Quotations and Images. Thanks to this exercise, my note taking skills have improved tremendously because I am now able to analyze sources in a more critical way without being so subjective to the topic. The blogs have also helped me improve my writing process strategies. Thanks to this writing process, my work has improved in a very tremendous way because I have been able to reflect on my work before and after I turn it in for a grade. The blogs have given me a sense of guidance through my writing process strategies. Another strategy of mine that has improved is my ability to conduct extensive research, during WP2 which was our collaborative writing piece, I was taught how to conduct credible research to help me draft for my topic. The research I have conducted during this course has been extremely beneficial to me because I now know what credible sources are to ensure that my research is trustworthy. I have learned where to find the best research through the use of different databases. Thanks to my improvements of my writing process strategies, I have been able to improve in many different aspects of my writing
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