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No writer is the same, and no writer is perfect. As you start writing and learning new and different things in life you develop as a writer. Being in AP Language and Composition after each assignment I learned new things about me as a writer. I learned the effort it takes to make a really good essay. Prior to this class i would just whip up an essay and not really edit and revise it- it was basically one draft with small edits and turned in. Whereas with this class i learned to make a worthwhile reading of an essay by taking time on each paper and getting other people 's perspectives to see what is good and what is lacking. Throughout AP lang to make me at my full potential i took more time and pride into my work, i tried to take others thoughts …show more content…

It was a main focus of our year, but i felt i was never good at it and never really digged deep enough in the text. When we would do our discussions i felt it was a bit difficult for me to incorporate my voice because i wasn 't quite understanding rhetoric. When me and my partner, Lexi, had to lead the discussion i started to understand how to pick through a text better and how to find the little strategies the author does to enhance his writing. When we did our rhetorical analysis of one reading from our discussion, at that point i was still very shaky on rhetorical analysis “ So far, this analysis is more of your thinking, and less of an analysis. Keep your focus (mainly) on how the writer uses his/her language”(your comment on my rhetorical analysis from textbook #1). Seeing that comment made me feel a bit in fear that i wasn 't quite understanding the topic as well as i could. I started to read over the textbook to really understand what rhetorical analysis was to get a better understanding and to help me out. While writing the Freddy Douglass essay i think i made a step up “You have the idea of rhetorical analysis, but the delivery could use some work”(Freddy Douglass essay your comment) so i now have the idea down of rhetoric,but still have some work to do. This illustrates how i started from not knowing how to do it at all to making an improvement. Im still not the best at rhetorical analysis, but i definitely can say i learned a lot from the Freddy Douglass paper, because i really started to see how you dig deep and find those little pieces the author uses to make the reader thing or to show a greater

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