Reflection About Love In Hamlet

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Love is such an interesting and confusing subject to understand and educate, especially to a group of uneducated aliens. What a lot of people do not realize that love comes in many different forms and fashions. Whether it is love between a husband and wife, a man and a secret lover, or a father and a loyal son. In our world, we have literary and visual objects that help us learn and educate ourselves, unlike you aliens which only observe other life forms to learn. To help me reflect my opinions about love, “The Birth-Mark”, “Shall I compare Thee To a Summer’s Day”, and “Hamlet” all show and explain the different types of love in the world. Through these stories, I hope to educate you all and for you to experience what true love really…show more content…
A play is made up people who act out what is going on in the story. The play Hamlet is a wonderful play about betrayal, love, and a tragic hero. Hamlet is the main protagonists in the story and is given a quest to accomplish. Hamlet is presented as a devoted son to the memory of his father, King Hamlet” (123HelpMe). His uncle poisoned his father, and his mother quickly remarried the uncle. “She married. O, most wicked speed, to post With such dexterity to incestuous sheets! It is not, nor it cannot come to good. But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue” (1.2.161-164). He hates that his mother married his uncle so quickly and left did not morn about his death. At the beginning of the play, we do not know that his father was poisoned, until the ghost of his father comes to Hamlet with the assignment to kill and take revenge on his uncle. It seems like that he is the only one that really cares that his father is dead. When his father’s ghost comes to speak of the revenge on Hamlet’s uncle, Hamlet agrees to the quest because of how much he loves his father. The journey he goes on to kill his uncle is an interesting one at that. He has a major conflict because he cannot tell what he has seen and heard. Also, he gets sent to a different country, however, comes back fairly quickly. However, he finally tells his mother the true. This is a wonderful scene because the passion Hamlet portrays while telling the truth is all love. He speaks very passionately and tries to get his mother to understand and believe him. He loves his mother dearest, and needs her to be happy. After being so obedient to his father, near the end of the play, he figures that the only way to obey his father’s wish is to do a sword duel. He is willing to give up his life to fulfill his father’s last wish. Hamlet’s love for his father is indescribable, and really shows a true definition of what love can
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