Reflection About Love

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Love Love is one of the values that drives my life. Since very young, my family has taught me to love my neighbors as much as my heart is possible to and without expecting anything in return, and this, according to my mother and my grandma, is one of the keys to happiness, plus it could also cause a great impact in someone’s life without even realizing it. Just as Mahatma Gandhi once said, love is one of the greatest forces the world possesses. Responsible I consider myself a very responsible person; my grandma shaped me to be like this in an unconventional way: she used to throw heavy books at me, but I do not hold any grudge against her, on the contrary, I am actually really thankful with her. This old woman taught me how to be responsible in every aspect of my life, and this specific value has gotten me really far. Being responsible has become such an intrinsic part of me that I cannot feel at peace if I am not doing what I am supposed to in my daily educational, personal and spiritual duties. When I was in high school, I used to believe that being a ‘nerd’ or responsible will never reap any benefits, or at least that was what some of my friends assured me. Nevertheless, I was…show more content…
Since very young I have seen my grandma be friendly, kind and generous to visitors and strangers in our house. I have never seen her judge anyone, on the contrary, she welcomes every single person with a big smile and a kiss, and no one goes out of her house without a hug, a big smile, food, vegetables and sometimes even a plant’s roots. No kidding. Her example inspired me to implement this value in my life as well. Every time I meet someone new, or I have guests in my dorm or my house, I try to be as nice and generous as possible. This simple act of kindness is truly appreciated by these people, and you know they are thankful because they irradiate love and happiness when they are around you, and it is truly
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