Reflection About American Culture

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Before three years ago, which is before I come to the United States, I heard about the different cultures of one country to another country. In addition, cultures sometimes vary from one category to another category of people in the same country. As everybody knows that some countries share for example in the language, religion, and geographic nature usually carry similar cultures with vary little difference as in the case in my country, which is Saudi Arabia, with the countries of the Gulf states like Kuwait, Qatar, UE, Bahrain, and Oman. I am international student. I came with my husband and my children to complete my graduate studies in the field of human resources. After I arrived in the United States of America, with my observation on the American people. Also, I started my studies at the CESL until I arrive to the last level and during my studies in the American culture class. Now I know and I am still learning what it means American culture and how it is different from my culture. This class not only tells me about the American culture, but also is important in understanding how to deal and adapt with new culture. Moreover, I have learned a lot of interesting and useful information. Also, I gained new knowledge in how to deal with American people. Really, I have fun and wonder class. I am international…show more content…
I liked this piece of information because it tells the truth, which is that each culture has many factors that make them different from any other culture. This thing observed all over the world, for example my country has different factors that make it very different from the American culture. I was amazed when I came to America from many things like beauty weather and I can sense of all four seasons. This beautiful thing I cannot feel it in my country, which is enjoy with only two of the seasons of the year summer and
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