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The Red Summer of 1919 proved that any movement wanting to challenge general American capitalism must endorse anti-racist demands as a fundamental step to the organization of the working class.
The Red Summer of 1919 makes reference to multiple race riots that took place between May and October of 1919. The riots took place in over thirty cities across the United States. The most extreme riots took place in Washington D.C., Chicago, Illinois, and Elaine, Arkansas.
The question at hand: “Would the African-Americans support for the war effort, on the battlefields of Europe and throughout many factories in the United States mean improvement in the status of the Negro as an American citizen?”
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Ten of the victims were war veterans, several of them still in uniform.”
The first acts of violence occurred in Charleston, South Carolina, which led to the death and injuries of a few men, all of whom were black. The United States continued on with these race riots as desperation for the whites to keep their title as the dominant race. The most violent of these race riots occurred in Chicago, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and Elaine, Arkansas.
On July 27, 1919, an African American named Eugene Williams drowned in Lake Michigan after "violating" the unauthorized segregation of Chicago’s beaches and being stoned to death by a group of whites. This, along with the police’s denial to arrest the man who caused it, set off a week of rioting amid Chicago's gangs. The riots ended on August 3, 1919. 15 whites and 23 blacks had been killed and more than 500 people were injured. Over 1,000 African Americans were also left homeless. During this time, the Ku Klux Klan recovered in the South along with their violent actions, including 64 lynchings in 1918 and 83 lynchings in 1919. The Klu Klux Klan also arranged over 200 meetings to increase …show more content…

However, these ideas were turned down by liberal voters. Rather, Chicago city officials formed the Chicago Commission on Race Relations to find the source of the riots and find ways to defeat them.
President Woodrow Wilson berated the white race as “the aggressor” in the Chicago riot and efforts were launched to promote racial harmony through voluntary organizations in Congress.
On July 19, 1919, white men initiated a riot after hearing that a black man had been accused of sexually assaulting a white woman. The men beat random African Americans, pulling them off of streetcars and beating them on the streets. African Americans fought back after the police refused to get involved. African American and white residents fought for four days. By July 23, 1919, two blacks and four whites were killed in the riots. In addition, an estimated 50 people were injured.
The Washington D.C. riot was significant because it was one of the only times where African Americans fought back vigorously against the

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