Red Lobster Case Study

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Behind the Scene: Red Lobster This paper would be discussing the way that the Red Lobster business is ran and some of different aspects that need to be considered when running a restaurant. I would be discussing the front and back of the house, what type of establishment it is and a lot of other important details Red Lobster was founded by Bill Darden, the first Red Lobster was opened in Lakeland, Fla., in 1968. Today there are more than 680 Red Lobster throughout the United States and Canada. Red Lobster is a franchise ownership and is also a full service restaurant. Their mission statement is “To Nourish and Delight Everyone We Serve”. Red Lobster is just one of many brands that under Darden. Red lobster is also a casual dining restaurant. The back of the house which Red Lobster calls the heart of the house consist of everyone that is needed in the kitchen such as Alley coordinator, Assembler, Backup, Baker, Line cook, Production, and Utility. The Alley Coordinator keeps everything in check and makes sure that the food is garnished correctly and at the right temperature when it g...

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