Reclaim Your Time

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If you are looking at personal time management as a way to run yourself down even worse than before, this is not your booklet. The author believes that life is about stringing together a series of high quality experiences, one of which might be work, but the point is to get your tasks done and be free to enjoy the rest of your life too. Why learn a few new tricks for shoving more things into an hour? The idea is to manage your personal time so well that you never feel rushed again –even in high pressure circumstances. People of varying faiths and even non-faith, who rarely agree with one another, seem to all agree on the issue of time! Whether you believe this life is all there is (when you’re done, you’re done) or see this life as a doorway to another life (that will include accountabilities), we all see one thing the same way. All of us believe, with a passion that time is not to be squandered! No matter from what perspective, all humans hold the breadth of their lifetimes as precious. Perhaps you are the big duck in a big pond. Perhaps you are a small duck. Every one of us has some influence over somebody else. As a leader of some kind (boss, mentor, parent, or friend), one of the best ways you can help the people whom you oversee is to manage your personal time so well that there is always time for the important relationships to take the time they need to develop. Kipling was born the same year the American Civil War ended (1865). He found his young life in reading books and later in writing articles, poems, and stories that are still beloved today. Married in 1892, he had children including a son, John, born in 1897. In 1899 he prepared a birthday present in advance for his son’s 21st birthday which would not... ... middle of paper ... ...r the following: If someone broke into your home and stole some of your best stuff (high end computer laptop, giant screen TV, prosumer digital camera, and your Lamborghini); there would be no problem…uh…ultimately. Why? Between the combined efforts of the police and the insurance company all your stuff would be replaced in very short order. Further consider: If someone broke into your home and stole all your $58,000 of cash on hand in your old rusty mattress; there would be no problem. Why? Because, once again, the combined efforts of the police and the insurance company would replace all your cash (and add a stupid charge to your monthly insurance premium), in very short order. But, if something you are doing right now (like reading this executive briefing) wastes your time how will you ever get it back? Once your time is wasted, it is gone for good!

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