Time Management Reflection

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I have chosen to do my research on time management. My goal from this study is to explore the positive impact of time management strengths as they apply to my work structure. My position requires me to meet project deadlines. I believe effective time management is important for my professional and personal development. At my workplace my priorities are set by others. Sometimes my schedule is about compromise and is sometimes set by necessity and apathy. Seeking a healthy outlook on how to use time, keeping priorities straight, completing tasks and meeting deadlines is why I have chosen to implement time management changes in how I perform part of my job. According to the MSG Experts, “Time Management refers to managing time effectively…show more content…
I documented my work and noted during the ten day span. I broke down a large computer deployment of 300 computers into small batches. The task included the following responsibilities, the rollout of two computers per day, installing of software and verifying everything is working on the new computer. My findings were that work is better tasked when broken down into small tasks. And I also noted that the main reason that I had a positive outcome and a positive effect on my organizational skills and completion rate. As stated in the text “a huge body of research has shown that small wins have enormous power and influence disproportionate to the accomplishment of the…show more content…
It is easier now to get back on task if I became unfocused. Setting goals that are easy to achieve is a way that I have overcome procrastination. Procrastination would sometime set in when the feeling of being overwhelmed was present. Small wins have provided me the momentum I need to stick with the new routine. According to the text “we need to see small victories to believe a long battle can be won. The text was a great source for determining my core issue with my time management issue. Some days were worse than other with distractions that plagued my day. I was constantly putting out fires, which took me away from my scheduled work and completion of job tickets. As with the servant leadership characteristics, I am dedicated to helping others be their best selves at work, home and in the community. So customer satisfaction is top on my list. Building trust is a powerful tool and it is through trust that I build relationships in the workplace with the people that I interact with on a daily bases. Failing to reach my objective will jeopardize my goal. Unplanned work incidents in the past have been the major cause of me missing my target. Moving forward with my new action plan and habits I am confident that most of the distraction will be eliminated or I will be able to easily get back on track because of my new time management
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