Rudyard Kipling Essay

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Messages of Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling born in Bombay in 1865 was a novelist, poet, journalist, and short story writer. His parents sent him to school in England to be educated. Kipling then returned to India when he was 17. When he returned to India Kipling was sure to make himself known as a writer and he did it very quickly. Kipling was known as an excellent journalist. Kipling went back to England in 1889 where he was rewarded celebrity status with his poems.
Kipling was a very arrogant man, although he was this way two of his most popular books were childrens books, The jungle book and the just so stories, of which kipling illustrated himself. He was also awarded the noble prize in 1907 for literature. Kiplings poetry was also known for its success in using music and popular forms of speech. He was very capable of writing poetry to stir the emotions of large crowds, or for public events.

His poetry is usually very simple but, it is also very strong in its impact, like his poem If. This poem first appeared in Kipling’s not so praised children’s book Reward and Fairies ...
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