Reasons for Nora Helmer to Stay in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

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In "A Doll House" Ibsen made a very controversial act, by having Nora leave her husband and her family. After first reading the play I thought that what Nora did was the right thing to do. But after thinking about I now realize that wasn't the right thing to do. Yes, Torvald was not the best husband in the world, but Nora should have considered that before she married him. To turn your back on your spouse is one thing, but to turn your back on your children is another. Nora was around in an era were women were looked down upon, not considered equal to men, so it would be hard for her to find a job. If Nora were to leave her Torvald she would have no were to go. Nora was a doll all of her life, first to her father then to Torvald, if she were to leave more then likely she would just become someone else's doll. Torvald was not the best husband in the world, but Nora chose to marry him. Nora never really got a chance to know Torvald. Torvald had his eye on Nora from the beginning. So he help her father and for that Nora was grateful, and thus became Mr. & Mrs. Helmer. It sounds like a very romantic story, but little did Nora know what would be in store for her. Torvald treated Nora like she was his child, I guess that is because he took no part in raising his children the he and Nora had together. If Nora would have taken the time to find out if Torvald was the one for her, then maybe it wouldn't have taken her eight years to realize that she never really loved him. If you are unhappy in your home then you leave your spouse, but you are never to leave your children. Even though Nora never really spent much time with her children she loved them to death. When Nora finally decided to turn her back on Torvald she ... ... middle of paper ... such."(Gladstone, "On the other hand, Nora must be some sort of scrounge, because Torvald also refers to her as his "little squirrel."(Gladstone, She would even use sex to get what she wanted. "Her insipidity, her dollishness, comes from the incessant repression of her family life. Nora has been spoon-fed everything she has needed in life. Never having to think has caused her to become dependant on others." (Thomas, I feel that even though Nora might have felt that she was making the right decision in leaving Torvald, there were many things that she should have put into consideration. Instead of just leaving before getting a chance to weigh her options. When people are mad they do things out of haste. When she left, she probably realized what all she had done, and asked Torvald to take her back.
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