A Doll House And Glass Menagerie And Doll's House

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Society as a gilded cage refers to people living a life with boundaries. The people living this type of life don’t live life to its full potential because they feel as though there are limits to what they can do. Two examples of individuals living this type of life would be Tom from a “Glass Menagerie” and Nora from “Doll House”. Both these individuals had the opportunity to live a free life but felt as though they had limits causing them to live a restrained life. Although both individuals seemed to be complete opposites they shared similar characteristics. Tom from “Glass Menagerie” was from a dysfunctional family. He comes from a family where the father just disappeared from one day to the next leaving Tom to support his family. His sister…show more content…
Do to all these factors she feels a sense of selflessness. The mother is completely dependent upon Tom. She relies on Tom to pay the bills, put food on the table, and even relies on him to find his sister a gentlemen caller. Tom cares for his mother and sister but at times one can tell that Tom is tired of having to support them. “Amanda:... But I won 't allow such filth brought into my house! No, no, no, no, no! Tom: House, house! Who pays rent on it, who makes a slave of himself to- (p.1169). Tom implies that he is a slave working himself to death just to support his sister, mother, and to pay rent on a house that isn 't even his. Tom hated his job and would write poetry when ever work was slow. Tom felt trapped because he felt as though his life only revolved around supporting his mother, sister, and working a job…show more content…
Nora was wife of Helmer and a mother of 3 children. They lived in a house where their nurse Anne-Marie took care of the children and Helene which was their maid took care of the house work. Nora was a stay at home mother and would occasionally take on little jobs in order to make ends meet. Nora has lived her whole life as a puppet. Her life has always been controlled by someone else; first by her father and then by her husband Helmer. “Her whole life is a construct of societal norms and the expectations of others” (Wiseman). “Nora’s father would force his beliefs on her and she would comply with them lest she upset him; she would bury her personal belief under Papa’s. According to Nora, Torvald was guilty of the same things” (Wiseman). Nora has always lived her life according to the beliefs of someone else. She didn 't know how to live life any other way because this is how she was raised. She felts trapped in the life she lived because she knew no other way of living besides her current lifestyle. Due to Nora being controlled her whole life she seemed childish and lacked knowledge of the world outside her house. At the end of the story Helmer decides to show his true colors once his future was threatened. This made Nora realize that she does not love her husband nor does he love her, and decides that is not the life she wants to live. “Helmer: You talk like a child. You don 't know anything of the world you live
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