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Is the Person Next to Me A Friend?
Friends can be classified in many ways, friends can be real or fake, and friends have many characteristics. Society often throws the term “friend” around making in a loose term. Many times someone gets mistaken as a friend because they are enjoyable to be around, but is that what creates a friendship? Friendship has much more meaning than what society gives; there are things that attract a friendship, there are ways to classify a friend, and there is things real friends to verse fake friends.
Several places can attract people to become friends; however, there are three main ones that every person can relate to. The one that attracts friends the most is the common interests shared between each other, according
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“Real friends face problem together,” says, Marc and Angel ("15 Things Real Friends Do Differently" 2). A real friend does not fix what is wrong, they see the pain behind the smile and help their friend get through the challenges. Friendships are “give and take” relationships, one friend should not give something all the time for the other one to take; same as both friends should not just take from the relationship either. Both friends have to give and take in order to their friendship to be strong and lasting. Such as the story of Clay and Santana; Santana was the smartest student in the class, so Clay took advantage of that. He became friends with Santana, and faked like he was really a great friend, just so he could copy her homework, so as soon as Santana moved away they no longer talked or hung out. Santana always gave into the friendship while Clay just took what he wanted from it. “It’s been said many times before, but it’s true: great communication is the cornerstone of a great relationship,” states Marc and Angel ("15 Things Real Friends Do Differently" 3). If a friends do not have effective communication, emotions can get bottled up and they will snap at each other and lose a friend. All friendships need to have effective communication in order to understand each other and make their friendship stronger. A fake friend will not try to work out problems, if their feelings get hurt they bottle it up and never discuss it and just hold a grudge against their friend. People need to think about what their friends do for them and what they do not do for them, so that they can determine their real friends verse their fake
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