Ray Daley Charater Analysis

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I always hated introductions and similar boilerplate in books when I was a kid. It seemed like a bunch of wasted text, making thank you’s to unknown people and telling stories about a real life which suffered in comparison to the fictional adventures waiting just a few pages away. But, like so many issues, I find that as I got older I changed my mind about it. So I hope readers will forgive me if I digress long enough to explain the origens and purpose of the Ray Dailey charater. At one time I was thinking about my life as a whole, and did it have meaning and if so what that was. Also, how could I improve myself and make my life more valuable and virtuous and worthy. My thinking lead me to conclude that I shouldn’t expect one event or accomplishment to define a good life. Rather, a good life was a complex thing …show more content…

The big one was that it will be too expensive and nobody will ever be able to foot the cost. Also, that since the United States did not maintain a standing navy that no ships even existed for the graduates to server on. But Thayer was a visionary and he persisted, and today we treasure the Naval Academy as a great and vital national institution that has molded our leaders for generations. So, if Thayer was willing to make an effort to start two schools, I resolved that at least I would try to found one. But still, there was that very daunting issue of the cost. Eventually, the Space Academy will be underwritten by the democratic governments of the world, which I hope will in the future become closer and more united into a sort of, ahem, federation. But private money would be needed to get the ball rolling, and plenty of it. Not a million or tens of millions, but billions. And when my career books said think big, I am not certain that they meant that

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