Rape and Women's Position

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"If you can't prevent rape, you enjoy it,” an Indian police officer. He was forced to apologies and had to resign for commenting this way about rape. It is impossible for a woman to enjoy rape. Women in today’s world have become more active and better contributor to national and international fields, but the fear of sexual assault and being raped limit their freedom. A lot of social workers, human right activists, and feminists are trying hard to ensure women right regarding sexual violence and rape. In addition, many laws have been passed to stop this. Sometimes, lack of security causes the women to confine into household, but that does not diminish the violence against women. Low social values towards women, man’s dominant mentality and lower social protest against rapist should be changed to stop rape.
Rape is happening because of dominant mentality, and changing the mentality can stop rape. In case of marital rape, the husband wants to impose dominance over wife and as well as try to control the women. As a result, in order to proving masculinity, and own sexual satisfaction, they forcefully rape their wife. More than thousands of women are facing marital rape in their house. Telling a woman from the book “The Road of Lost Innocence” narrates a woman’s interview about her husband. “My husband raped me on that platform that first night, several times, and when I resisted him he hit me.” (Mam 37). Here the woman was raped in her own bedroom where she lives. In this case a woman is not even safe with her husband because her husband has dominant mentality. According to social law, one can say that it’s husband’s right to have sexual relationship with his wife, but no one can deny about the fact that women should also have rights t...

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...ponsibility as a whole, to ease the burden of women’s experiences and fear of men’s violence” (Stanko 47). If the society fulfills its responsibility to ease the burden of men’s violence towards women, there will be no fear of rape and women’s progress will be escalated.

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