Rancho Solano Private School Case Study

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Human Resource one major organizational subsystem needs to be changed in RSPS. HR represents the most critical element within any organization. This includes managerial changes, such as restructuring or the disposition of an organization from nonprofit towards profit making. Human resource plays a vital role in achieving the objectives of the organization. Additionally, employees are required to be treated with decorum and respect, which will maintain and improve their productivity. Treating an employee with respect is reciprocated through hard work and quality services. Therefore, the HR department must attract and maintain a quality work force. Human Resources Management goals and strategies should constantly evolved and change to maintain…show more content…
These changes created controversy amongst the stakeholders. With the recent controversy surrounding the educational institution, should Rancho Solano be tasks to make changes to the subsystems to avoid employee turnover and attract quality educators with a focus on professional development? Rancho Solano Private School The case of Rancho Solano Private School (RSPS) represents an organizations that did not meet the workforce needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base that should have focused on remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to shareholders, such as the employees, students and parents. In 2007, Rancho Solano was sold to the Meritas Family of schools, which shifted from being a not-for-profit institution to an organization that concentrates on a profit-making educational system. Once the ownership changed, RSPS became the ninth school owned by the Meritas Family, which is currently a profiteering…show more content…
An important factor, human resource management should understand, human behavior resist change at all times. This requires a responsibility to strategic HR planning, which requires analyzing the needs and planning how to meet those needs in a manner that best meets the organizations missions, goals and objectives. To attract, develop and maintain an effective staff member, this requires, outlining, recruitment and selection that is in line with the

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