Radio Configuration Research Paper

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Radio Configuration
Drones use Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters (TX) and receivers (RX) to send the information used to control the drone. Inside the radio, transmitters encode the digital data from the movements of sticks and switches into an electric current, which gets sent through wires to the radio’s antenna. There, the electric currents generate electromagnetic radiation, or radio waves. Waves with different amplitudes (heights) or frequencies (durations) carry different messages. (FM and AM radio stations stand for Frequency Modulation and Amplitude Modulation, respectively.) The radio wave moves through the air at 186,000 miles per second, is picked up by the drone’s receiver and undergoes the same magic in reverse — radio waves turn into electric currents, which are then interpreted by the drone as adjustments to …show more content…

Attach antenna before powering up.
Wear safety goggles when connecting the battery.

RX Configuration
Bind RubiQ to the radio and check that she is interpreting the radio commands correctly.
The Taranis, RubiQ’s radio transmitter, uses the same commands as the game controller for the flight simulator.

To turn on the radio transmitter, slide the power switch up. If the throttle is up when the radio is turned on, a Throttle Warning will trigger — this ensures that the drone can’t immediately take off as soon as the battery’s connected. Move the throttle all the way down to turn off the Throttle Warning.

To bind the Taranis to RubiQ and verify its channel mapping, follow steps 1 and 2 in the RubiQ Configuration Guide.
Mode Configuration
Program RubiQ’s flight controller to respond to the switch movements on the Taranis by adding code to the CLI tab in INAV.
In addition to the two joysticks, the Taranis has an array of switches that control RubiQ’s other functions, such as her flight mode or safety features. Unlike the main flight commands, which come pre-configured, the other functions need to be manually programmed in

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